Oh… hey there! It’s been a while. Over these last few weeks of not posting or writing, I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog. What are my intentions? Am


Once again this week’s writing activity is Franco from Fairy Seinfeld‘s idea! Maybe one day I’ll think of something as good as his ideas! *shrugs shoulders. This week’s activity is

DJ Drez

Music Monday is here! This week, and forever, we’re listening and writing to DJ Drez! This guy is an incredible person and musician and has been putting out music since


It’s Friday & I have a ton of feels. Today was my last day at one (out of four) of my jobs and it feels great! It was a great


Another writing night with Franco turned writing activity for MemoirsinOveralls. ❤ Seriously, I don’t know how he does it! Most of my writing activities are created solely from his creativity!

Charolette Day Wilson

Music Monday is here & we’re listening and writing to Charlotte Day Wilson! I recently found her on an already made Spotify Playlist; thank Goddess for those! I have no words,


The other night Franco and I, a.k.a. Fairy Seinfeld got together for a night of writing. We’re trying to do it every week, so yay! We did a warm-up exercise created