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[mem-wahr, -wawr]

  1. a record of events written by a person having intimate knowledge of them and based on personal observation.

  2. an account of one’s personal life and experiences; autobiography.


This blog is about many things, but most importantly, to me anyway, it’s about the memoir. On the first of the month, every month, I’ll be sharing a memoir that I’m going to start reading and I invite you to read the book along with me.

But why the memoir? There’s just something about the memoir that I truly love. I’d much rather read about someone’s true event, rather than a mystical land with dragons. Every time I’m at a library or bookstore, I find myself drawn to the nonfiction rows, filled with people’s personal accounts of life. Everyone. Has. A. Story. To. Tell.

Also, I’m currently writing my very own memoir (!!!!!!) and I feel like the more memoir’s I read, the better I can be at writing my own. Obviously, I’m not trying to steal or re-write someone else’s story, I’m looking at many other things while reading these texts. Like, their writing style of time, experience, description, etc., I’m looking at the layout, choice of titles, length of chapters, length of the book, and many, many other things.

We can call this a “writer’s book club” if you choose to read along with me. I would absolutely love to hear your input on the books I choose and I, of course, would love to hear suggestions as well. Please let me know if there’s a memoir missing from my collection.

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