Photo by Devin Jenkins

I can’t write without music. Period. Well, I can’t really life without it either, but I especially can’t just sit down and write without it. Music motivates me, inspires me, and helps me stay calm while writing. If you’re like me you’re always exploring new music. So, Mondays here at Memoirs in Overalls are for honoring music to write to!

Every. Single. Week. I will be posting the music I love to write to and will be updating my Spotify! There you will find new playlists of the artists I mention, my favorite already-made-playlists that I stumble upon, and my very own made playlist, curated of my favorite songs to write to. If you have any suggests, I’d really love to listen!

Also, I should mention, I am a huge Spotify lover! I pay monthly to help support artists and to be apart of the amazing community. If you are not a Spotify user (although you really should be) and would still like to listen to the songs I recommend, I will try my hardest to provide links to find their music elsewhere.

Also, also… I use my Spotify for more than just writing, because… life. Don’t judge me for my recently played artists! I like to belt out Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, and Paramore while driving and really love all sorts of other genres to sing to, work out to, cook to, etc., #nojudgementspace K, thanks. 

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