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December’s Memoir of the Month is

You Better Not Cry by Augusten Burroughs.


I found it only fitting to read this memoir in December because it’s a Christmas themed collection of essays. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I think this book is still worth the read because Augusten Burroughs’ writing will make you feel like you’re binge-watching The Standups on Netflix.


It should be mentioned that Augusten Burroughs is my absolute favorite writer. Which is why I also found it fitting that he be the first writer we read from. I’ve read a number of his books (which will certainly be featured in the future) but have yet to read this one. Burroughs’ writing is filled with humor, making you laugh your way through his books, so I can only imagine how this one is going to be! 


I’m super excited to read You Better Not Cry and I hope you read it with me. Let’s laugh our way through the (usually stressful) Holiday month together. You can buy the book here in various mediums.

ALSO! Since this is my blog launch day (woo hoo!) I’ve already added 10 songs to my music to write to playlist on Spotify! I’ll be posting about the artists and songs in the future, but figured I’d give you guys something to listen to in the meantime. All of the songs have little to no vocals, so it’s also a great playlist to listen to while reading this month’s memoir.

Love you all. Thanks for following along. ❤


Also, also, also! Below I’ve provided some info for you in case you give a fuck about what’s in the photos above.
Photos by the incredibly talented Devin Jenkins
Location: Eve|Encinitas Vegan Experience
Glasses: Warby Parker Laptop stickers: Little Woman Goods Overalls & Shirt: Poshmark 

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