Music Monday!

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Happy Music Monday! Monday’s are becoming my favorite day of the week because I get to start every Monday morning listening to my favorite music to write to artists!

This week, we’re listening (and writing to) Tycho!


I was working on a paper for one of my required Literature courses in college and through a Spotify playlist, Tycho’s beautiful, dancey music with human element sounds filled my ears.

I. Was. Hooked. !!

I listened to the same playlist every single time I needed to write OR read for school. “Music Mondays” actually came to mind while listening to this week’s featured artist. I thought, “People need to know how magical it is to write (read, everything) to this music!” So, it goes without saying, Tycho is the perfect music to write to.

I compiled a playlist of my favorite songs by Tycho & added my absolute favorite (hardest decision of my life) to my music to write to playlist. Check it out below or click the Spotify icon on my blog’s homepage to find it in my public playlists.

Also… we decorated our Christmas tree over the weekend, so my recently played artists are all from Holiday playlist. #nojudgementzone k, thanks…

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