Another fun writing night with Franco turned into a fantastic writing activity to share. This time, we set our intentions to visit a variety of places and to write (and drink) something different at each place we visited. We chose breweries for this night because they always seem to have fun table games to play and… good beer.


  • A location that offers multiple breweries or bars within walking distance from one another.
  • Your medium of choice! (I always use my laptop, but I, of course, showed up with a dead one. So, I used MY PHONE! I didn’t enjoy it, but was proud of myself to try something new.)
  • A writing buddy, or two, or ten.
  • & most importantly a driving service app. (If you choose to add the drinking part.) SAFETY FIRST! 🙂


  • At the first brewery or bar, after you and your friends get settled with a beer and your writing space, grab one of their card games.
  • Then…. MAKE UP A WRITING ACTIVITY! What’s more fun, then to create a writing game and then create a story? Honestly, don’t we all do it when creating a drinking game anyway? (See below to read what Franco and I did.)
  • Assuming you’ve created an activity, set a timer! ALWAYS.
  • Once each person is done with their piece, it’s time to share. In smaller groups, you can read your pieces aloud and receive feedback from everyone. In larger groups, you can pass around your writing mediums of choice and allow your friends to make notes.
  • If no one is done with their beers by the end of the first activity, do it again. If everyone is done, it’s time to pack up and walk to the next place.
  • Then, as you can imagine, you start all over!

So, how did our night go? At the first brewery, we went to, we used Drunk Stoned or Stupid. – The jist of the game is that each card has a characteristic on it, such as “won’t even come to your funeral.” When playing, you give this card to the appropriate person that’s also playing and then, blah, blah, blah, I don’t know the rest of the game rules, but you can read more about it by clicking the link above.

SO… instead of following the rules of the game, Franco and I found it super fitting to use the characteristic on the card to create a character in a story. We picked a card for one another and gave each other ten minutes to write a story about a person that matches the card. We didn’t give each other any other rules, just the one characteristic and a time limit. The pieces were short but so creative and fun! We loved having the opportunity to create a character & a story, all from one characteristic. We loved it so much, we decided to use a couple cards and write a couple stories, at each place we went to. So yes, we took the cards with us. And yes, we returned them… another day… right Franco?

If any of you try these, let me know how it goes! ❤

2 comments on “WRITING ACTIVITY #2”

  1. Definitely returned them. I mean they’re not in my kitchen junk drawer or anything. Definitely didn’t bring them to San Diego with me. What type of person do you take me for?! Do you remember the name of the bar you took them from? Ya just asking for a friend…they’re in my junk drawer. In the kitchen. Here in San Diego. Ew don’t snitch on me.

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