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First and foremost, I hope everyone survived the Holidays! I barely made it out alive and I’m honestly really happy we have an entire year until the next Holiday season! Aside from visiting with family, which of course is always nice, the Holidays are filled with anxiety driven by tons of travel, family feuds during games, and dividing up time. It’s stressful, but nonetheless, I am truly grateful.

This week’s writing activity should be easy to guess: Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) stories! Since it’s fresh on your mind, write about a specific moment that happened this Holiday season. Be very specific. Write about opening Christmas presents at midnight on Christmas Eve, or the putting together the puzzle your family puts together every year after Christmas breakfast. Write about the conversation you had with your 90-year-old grandpa or 10-year-old niece.

Time yourself, within reason: 10-20 minutes.
Be very specific in the details. Touch on all senses.

Then, write about a memory you have from last Holiday season, following the simple rules from above. Share them with me too! Put them in the comments below or send me an email at memoirsinoveralls@gmail.com. ❤

Also, since I skipped Music Monday here’s my Music to Write toplaylist:

Follow the playlist to stay up-to-date with new music!

2 comments on “WRITING ACTIVITY #4”

  1. That moment when you open a Christmas gift that you don’t like, from your father, and instead of fake liking it you look him dead in the eye and shake your head. smh. “You know what, guy, it’s mighty fitting that after 28 years you still don’t know me. This gift sucks and i’m not going to sit around and act like I enjoy it when it literally has nothing to do with me. See how you are….”

    Muffled female voice, “Ummm that gifts from Aunt Rosie”


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