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Annnnnnnnd, I’m back from my mini-break! I always told myself I’d never do something like that, but… life. y’know? It was a crazy, crazy week. I’ll be sharing more about what happened later, so check back.

Since it’s Wednesday it’s time for a new writing activity! Which of course means, another night out writing with Franco. This time we went to our favorite dive/karaoke bar and made up prompts. I  listed my favorite one for you guys below.


  • A location that offers alcohol, out-of-this-world decor, and a great opportunity for people watching. If you’re in Orange County, check out Shanghai’d. That’s where we went and it was perfect.
  • Your medium of choice! (I always use my laptop.)
  • A writing buddy or two. Keeping it small in a dive bar is best.
  • & most importantly a driving service app. (If you choose to add the drinking part.) SAFETY FIRST! 🙂


  • Once you walk in, scope out the best place to sit where you’re able to see the entire bar. If possible. Get comfortable and grab your drinks!
  • LET’S WRITE! “In a paragraph (or more) describe the setting as is, then in the next part, add details that aren’t there.”
  • Set a timer! ALWAYS.
  • Once each person is done with their piece, it’s time to share.
  • When you’re ready to keep writing, the opportunities are endless! “Find a person in the bar and describe what they did before they got to the bar” or “Use the bartender as a character in a fictional piece” or even, describe your night, as is.”

Here’s my piece from that night.

The smell of sweet flavored sake and stale nights lingered. The sparkling red string lights hung above the mirrored walls matching the hanging shattered glass chandeliers. At every table rest red glass candle holders, red Chinese lanterns hung from above, and every piece of furniture was red. The color red tainted human skin and the cement floor. The disco ball didn’t move, yet it still sparkled red hues.

Through the mirrored walls, the mounted animal heads were visual. The deer, the eagle, the lion, all from different ecosystems, but together in a new life cycle. All sharing the same terrified look on their faces, like the last look they gave before they died. Among the dead prizes were tall white candles, dripping with tear-drop wax.

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