Today’s personal essay is so near and dear to my heart! It happened last Tuesday & will forever be engraved in my mind. It may not seem like something special, but it was so special to me. Here it is:

“Taraaaa, come here! I miss you!” Chelsea yelled out to me.
As I laughed, I pushed myself away from my desk and peeled my eyes away from my work emails. The chair swiveled with me as I turned my body toward the door. I stepped into the hallway and saw the guest bathroom light on. As I approached the bathroom door, which was wide open, I saw her beaming smile look up at me. I sat adjacent to the bathroom door in the hall, where the hallway wall and our bedroom door met.
Chelsea sat smiling, on the toilet, with her feet upon the squatty potty and her sweats bundled at her ankles. She was leaning forward with her elbows resting on her thighs and her poop-book in hand. With sleep in her eyes and messy hair, she had her glowing smile that I love. 
“I miss you too!” I exclaimed. 
We spent some time catching up. We asked one another how our days were from the day before. I told her about my night and how much fun I had with a friend and the conversation carried on about her night at home with Ziggy. Per usual, we reached a point in the conversation about how we envision our future and the successes we’re looking forward to. It was a great conversation to be having at 7:00AM on a Tuesday morning.
“You know what I’ve also been thinking about lately?” Chelsea expressed, while sitting unmoved, book still in hand.
“Hmm?” I replied, expecting her to talk about a new invention she had in mind.
“I was also thinkin’ we should just get married.” 
With a huge smile on my face, my hands slowly formed into loose fists while simultaneously reaching upward. Once they reached my face, they brought shelter to my smile, although my eyes still gave it away.
“Seriously! The only reason why I was scared of marriage was because of divorce, but I know we’re meant to be together. We have amazing communication, we love each other soooo much, and I know we will be successful in the future, so why wait?” 
I sat, still frozen and still smiling hugely. My hands had fallen to the ground, however, I have no clue where they were.
“Tara, I know we’re both going to be incredibly successful and I want to be by your side when we reach our goals.” She said with such passion. “AND, God forbid if anything happens, I want you to be able to visit me in the hospital rather than them see you only as a friend.”
I sat, still frozen, hands somewhere, with a huge smile on my face.
“You know?” She said with an urgency, waiting for some sort of an answer from me.
“YES!” I said, still frozen and still smiling hugely.
She continued to list so many sweet things about why we should get married and how much we love each other, and how we shouldn’t waste any more time.
“Yes, yes, yes!” I repeated, still frozen and smiling hugely.
“So?” She asked.
I was finally able to move and shifted my weight to the other leg, realizing my left foot had fallen asleep. 
“YES!” I exclaimed, with the same smile, shaking my hips and shoulders side to side with giddiness. I probably just looked like I was a big vibrating mess. Chelsea smiled big and sat upright, still with her poop-book in hand and her feet upon the squatty potty. I jumped up and took a couple hurried steps into the bathroom and wrapped my arms around her shoulders and kissed her forehead. She finally dropped her poop-book on the ground and wrapped her arms around me. We kissed,morning breath and all.

What. An. Experience. haha. Moments after this, I text my best friend to let her know we were getting married and asked if it was okay that our wedding day would be 15 days after hers. She asked, “Wait, are you engaged?!” and it was then that Chelsea and I realized we were engaged. The days to follow were filled with excitement because we reached a milestone and stress over the fact that we now have 8 months to plan a wedding. Instead of diamond rings, we decided tattoo engagement rings were perfect for us. So last Sunday we went to Blue Collar Tattoo to visit the shop owner and my dear friend Jason Lewis. He tattooed our beautiful rings and it was all set in ink.


I TOLD YOU IT WAS ONE HELL OF A WEEK! On Tuesday, January 9th, my love pooposed and before that, I was having an incredibly stressful week at work and needed to take a break from my blog. Oh, life……. ❤

Also! Below I’ve provided some info for you in case you give a fuck about what’s in the photo(s) above.
Photo #1
Photos by the incredibly talented Devin Jenkins
Location: Encinitas, CA.
Glasses: Warby Parker Overalls & Shirt: Poshmark
Photo #2
Location: Blue Collar Tattoo
Top & Overalls: Topshop
Hat: Thrifted

4 comments on “A POOPIN PROPOSAL”

  1. What a sweet story! I love it! Sounds like u guys are perfect for each other! It’s such an amazing feeling finding someone that just gets you!! Happy for both of you!


  2. You know what’s amazing about this post is that I’ve only had the priveldge of knowing these two beautiful women for a short few months, and just reading this… I honestly felt as if I was there…Chelsea pooposing and all. These women are so real and I can literally feel the love radiating from these words. Congrats to you both, so much love!!


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