Happy Music Monday! This week we’re listening and writing to Tash Sultana!


Have you guys caught on to all of the hype round this girl? Have you been a long time fan and rolling your eyes because, finally, she’s getting everything she deserves?! YOU GUYS! Her recent tour was announced like a week ago and all of her shows are pretty much all sold out. So deserved. When you’re not writing to her music, you must watch a video of her playing. It’s mesmerizing to watch her make love to her music, so intimately.


Anyway. There are no words to justify or explain her music, you just have to listen for yourself. I compiled a playlist of my favorite songs by her. The first half of the playlist is accompanied by her unique vocals and the second half, which we are so lucky to have been offered, are songs with instrumentals only.

66e8819bb1c5d3e64d4ec288dba53d0fCheers to a full hour of Tash Sultana to listen to, sing to, meditate to, and write to! I also, added my absolute favorites to my music to write to playlist. Be sure to click the follow button, to be updated weekly with new music to write to. ❤

3 comments on “TASH SULTANA”

  1. She’s incredible! I remember I used to stop and watch her whole set when she performed on Bourke Street here in Melbourne and now I’m seeing her live again at Blues Fest in Byron Bay this March. She’s doing incredible things, 10/10 recommendation. My blog is all about music as well, so if you’re ever looking for new music or playlists have a read! xx



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