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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for a new writing activity! And yes, it also means it’s an activity that Franco and I did together. This time, we opted for a morning with coffee kind of writing. Even though we weren’t in a bar or brewery and didn’t have an alcoholic beverage for every piece we wrote, we still had an amazing time.

It’s extremely simple and allows for a ton of creativity.


  • A coffee shop. period.
  • Your medium of choice!
  • A writing buddy, or two, or ten.


  • Get your coffee, or tea, and find a space for you and your writing buddy.
  • Once you’re ready to write, set a timer for 10 seconds!
    • You have ten seconds to find a space in the coffee shop that you’re making as your setting.
    • Literally, if it happens to be where two walls meet at a 90-degree angle and there’s nothing on the walls, not even a window or plug, you have to go with it. As a writer, you know you can make a lot happen there.
  • Now that you’ve found your setting, take a couple seconds to prepare.
  • Set your timer for 10 minutes, at the very least, and write about anything that comes to mind. Did a friend tell another about some great news right there? describe it! Did a domestic argument take place? Describe it! Or did a person walk by and do a double take as if someone was standing there that they knew? Describe it!
  • Once the timer is up, pass your laptop to someone to read, give feedback, and as you can imagine, you start all over!

I provided my piece for you below. Full disclosure, this is 100% fictional and I have no idea why this came to mind when I saw a bookshelf full of wine glasses. If you give it a try, I’d love to read about your experiences!

After she paid for her almond milk latte, she wandered to the shelves filled with meaningless objects. She stopped in front of the hand painted wine glasses and picked one up from the back. She shifted her weight to one side and seemed contemplative. Maybe the brush-stokes curated into red flowers made her think of her ex. Or maybe they made her think of the car accident that killed her best friend two years ago. Or maybe it made her think of the abortion she had last summer. She held onto it for a while. She made her way back to the register and asked politely, “How much is this?” The worker, saturated in coffee, said “Um, I think it’s $17.95,” and quickly got back to wiping the counters. The girl said, “Okay, thanks” and walked back to the shelves. She placed the wine glass back down where she found it and twisted it to make the flowers face the back. She sat down at the nearest table and stared at the wine glass. Her eyes moved slowly across the shelves, over the wine racks filled with decorated wine bottles, over the coffee cups and candles, and stopped on the hand painted wine glass. Maybe it made her think of that amazing night by the lake when she had her first kiss, the same summer she started her period for the first time. Or maybe it made her think of that concert she went to all by herself and she had the best night of her life. “Almond milk latte!” shouted the other worker, while placing it on the counter. She quickly looked over, almost scared, and stood up. She took one more look at the wine glass, quickly walked over to her coffee, said “Thank you,” and walked out of the door. I never saw her face, just her mind.

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