Friday’s are usually for personal essays, but this Friday, I’m ranting. More like venting! Actually, more like sharing what I’m having trouble with, as a writer/blogger.

LIFE, man….

After graduating from college last May, I had stars in my eyes! I had a new English Literature degree under my belt and the motivation to make a career as a blogger and writer. Slowly over time, other things in life took the forefront and my blog and book got pushed down the to-do list.

Once I  moved to San Diego in July, I knew I needed a new writing community, I needed to write more, and I needed to launch my blog. I slowly started getting it all together. I co-created a wonderful writing group that meets once a month. We eat vegan snacks, drink plenty of wine, spend time writing, and share pieces we’ve prepared with constructive criticism to follow. It has been one of the best things to exist for me. (P.s., if you’re in the San Diego County and are interested in joining, please reach out!) In my Passion Planner, I did a roadmap to launch my blog. Although the launch date got pushed back multiple times, I finally launched it last December.

With all of the good, comes the bad. Moving to a new city as a recent college graduate is fucking hard. Every single day I had something to overcome and of course, would put off writing or reading. I’d spare time to work on a piece for my writer’s group the day of the meeting. I’d make notes about how I need to prep content for my future blog launch date, but never actually work on content. I’d add in my passion planner to read, but never actually read. Instead, I ‘d work a bunch of jobs, crawl into bed, and binge watch Netflix shows, crying over how much money I wasn’t making and how much writing I wasn’t getting done.

To this day, I still feel these things, sans the binging cause I literally don’t even have time for that anymore, but I’m feeling much more optimistic. I’ve started a new morning routine, I spend a little bit of time each day to do many things, and I’m thinking more positively. The whole New-Year-New-Me thing is so annoying, but I’m actually really feeling it! Well, starting now, on February 2nd. I vow to myself, to spend more time writing my Memoir, writing pieces for my blog (& not miss days, like I did last Friday), reading other memoirs, reading more self-help books, and to tell myself it will all be okay and I can do this!!! Positive mind, positive life, riiight?!

If you’re in struggle city with me, reach out, please! I’d love to have a new pen-pal or another member to my writing group! K, thanks… bye. ❤

Also! Below I’ve provided some info for you in case you give a fuck about what’s in the photos above.
Photos by the incredibly talented Devin Jenkins
Location: Encinitas, CA.
Glasses: Warby Parker Overalls & Shirt & shoes: Poshmark 

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