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First off… I love this quote. It resonates with me so much. I struggle with my “why” when it comes to writing. I think, “I need to write so people buy my book and I’m financially supported by it,” but, that’s not a great “why.” Obviously, it’s okay to think about monetary benefit for your writing, but it’s always important to remember that you should be writing for you. And like the quote says (not sure if this is how it’s meant) forget about the audience and having your words heard. Write for you, and if you have people read it, it’s a bonus.

Last Friday’s Boston post has inspired this week’s writing activity. So, thanks again fiance! It was a great idea!!


  • Get in a comfy space with your medium and beverage of choice.
  • Grab your phone and open up your camera roll or, if you have your laptop, open your photos.
  • Scroll until you find something that inspires you.
    • It can be anything! A photo of you at the top of Empire State Building, a photo of your dog the day you rescued it from the shelter, a photo of a dear friend that has since passed away, or even a photo of a coffee from a hip coffee shop.
  • This time, don’t set a timer. This is certainly something that you should allow yourself some free time.
  • Then, write about the experience, in any format you wish. In third person, fictionalize it, or do as I did, and write it like a memoir.
  • To see how I did it, check out my Boston post. ❤

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