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Over the weekend I had a dear friend of mine visiting (Love you Shell!) & we talked about vulnerability. Putting yourself out there is so scary, but it’s so important to show the real you. I’m inspired to doing more of just that on here and on Instagram. So here’s to being capable of showing my soul! (Just explaining the inspo for the quote.)

Also, my writing buddy, Franco, launched a blog himself. Be sure to check out his website Fairy Seinfeld and read through his amazing creativity!

Last night Franco and I got together to write, but not before we filled each other in on our lives. Once we got to a place where we were wordless and started to stare at our computer screens, Franco said, “Why don’t we write… something… dark?”
I was immediately interested. He always thinks of the best activities!
He continued, “Write all of the reasons why you hate what you hate, without saying what it is that you hate.”
“Yes!” I exclaimed, “Love this!”
“Be creative; entertain us with your hate.” He, of course, added.
We gave ourselves 20 minutes on the timer and wrote.

Here’s my piece:

There’s so many of them, lurking within their walls. I never want to walk in or out of the front door for fear of one of them seeing me. I live in a constant state of anxiety, boxed within my walls, knowing they can find me whenever they want to. They leave trails of themselves everywhere: mold where it gets wet, paper amongst the bushes, socks where it’s hot, cancer where feet walk, and cucumbers between the lines. Keeping the plants watered doesn’t even make them happy. They continue to coil themselves with one another and unwind when their walls separate them. They talk and talk and talk and talk and talk to me. All the time, I hear them, I read their words, I listen to them talk and talk and talk and talk. I hear them in the walls fucking, farting, walking, screaming, barking, crying, cleaning, and talking and talking.

Can you guess what it is that I hate? I’d love to hear your guesses! Respond here in the comments or on the post on Instagram!

Also, I’d flippin love to read yours!! Send them to me in any way you can! ❤



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