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Another writing night with Franco turned writing activity for MemoirsinOveralls. ❤ Seriously, I don’t know how he does it! Most of my writing activities are created solely from his creativity! Last personal essay, I mentioned our writing night, so this is the warm-up activity we used. Again, Franco made it up.

Warm up: 8:49-9:13pm
Fast-forward 300 years- 2318
Can travel to other planets-Each planet has something to offer
Describe the drive you take to a planet you haven’t visited yet.
What was it like? Did you drive fast? What music did you listen to? Who was with you? What did you see or feel? Get descriptive.

Here’s mine: (Note, It’s a warm-up and completely unedited!)

As soon as I sat in the driver’s seat of the car, the cold seat, steering wheel, and air felt so good. Rushing to get everything, everyone, all of the stuff, and Ziggy into the car, made me work up a sweat. I had thrown my sweatshirt off, somewhere, possibly on our neighbor’s yard. They hated us, Chelsea and I, and Ziggy, so I didn’t mind.

“You ready?” Chelsea said, out of breath.

“Guess so!” I said, with a huge smile on my face. I had driven to Mars and Venus before but hadn’t driven as far as Jupiter yet.

“Alright, everyone buckled in?” I asked, also out of breath, “Ziggy?!” I said, looking into the backseat between our suitcases. He was buckled into the middle seat and resting on his bed.

I started our car, tightened my harness, put my favorite Best Coast playlist on, put it into fly, and braced myself as we started to rise.

This was my favorite part about heading to the planets. The moment we lost our stomachs as we went higher and higher. We would watch planet Earth get smaller while California Nights played in the background. There was always that moment, just before we broke the atmosphere, that while looking down on our city, we felt more at home than ever. I always got emotional.

While the tears welled up in my eyes, we left planet Earth.

Once we made it to space, and that amazing floating feeling started, we’d light up our cigarettes and put Keeper by Furns on. We always enjoyed taking a moment to just… be.

After our cigarettes were out, we braced ourselves for the quick auto-flight to Jupiter.

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