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It’s Friday & I have a ton of feels.

Today was my last day at one (out of four) of my jobs and it feels great! It was a great experience and the extra money was really helpful, but now I have more free time to write for this blog!! I’ve had so many good ideas that I’ve noted and really wanted to implement, but seriously, just haven’t had the time. So here we are! Stick around for some amazing changes to come. ❤ Also, two of my dear friends are getting married tomorrow and I’m extremely excited to celebrate their love!

With all of that said, it’s time for a personal essay post. 🙂
 *Names have been changed

My tiny closet in my dorm bedroom was in disarray, but somehow, I was able to find my favorite white t-shirt. It was one of those white shirts that you’re not quite sure where you got it and you have no idea what brand it is, but it’s your favorite and you wear it with everything. I grabbed it off of the hanger and folded it as I walked back to my suitcase, which was sitting on my unmade, tiny-dorm-room-bed. I was packing for Spring Break, even though I didn’t have any plans.
“What else should I pack?” I said to Derrick, my on and off again boyfriend.
He shrugged his shoulders, completely unengaged, and continued to hit his bowl. I looked back at my closet, hoping I’d see something that I needed to pack. I turned back toward my suitcase and was immediately met with smoke. He handed the pipe to me and said, “hurry, it’s still cherried!”
I took a deep breath, felt my lungs fill up, held it for a moment, and blew the smoke out slowly. I watched my tiny dorm room fill up with dancing waves of smoke.
I turned and stepped back toward my closet and before I could take the six steps it took to reach it, I had a knock on my bedroom door. I looked over at Derrick and looked back at the door. 
“Come i-” I halfway said, when the door opened quickly.
Standing in the doorway was the owner or director or investor or whatever he is, to the dorms. The guy that called all the shots and deemed our housing as a “dry” community. He’s the one that made the rules such as no alcohol, no drugs, no parties, no candles, no fun, etc., 
I was freshly high and my room was freshly sprayed with the sent of Mary Jane.
I immediately said, “Hey!” trying to be as casual as possible.
The next twenty minutes were spent trying to explain to Mr. whatever-his-name-is that I had just blown out a candle and it most definitely wasn’t weed. He confiscated my pipe, which was sitting on my desk right next to me, and concluded that I was to see the Dean as soon as Spring Break was over. 


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